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News Archives

Wednesday February 6, 2013
Singapore plans rare protest as population debate rages
Singapore is to hold a rare anti-government demonstration against plans for a dramatic increase in immigration that would boost the island's population by as much as 30 percent by 2030.
Wednesday February 6, 2013
Japanese prime minister accuses Chinese navy ship of "dangerous" act
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday described as "dangerous" and "regrettable" the actions of a Chinese navy ship that Tokyo says put a radar-lock on a Japanese vessel last week.
Wednesday February 6, 2013
Trial begins in New Delhi rape case
The man who was accompanying a New Delhi woman when she was gang-raped in December testified Tuesday as the trial of five men accused of attacking her formally began.
Wednesday February 6, 2013
India "concerned" by China role in Pakistan port
China's role in operating a strategically important port in Pakistan is a matter of concern for India, its defense minister said on Wednesday, as New Delhi and Beijing jostle for influence in the region.
Wednesday February 6, 2013
Bangladesh Islamist jailing prompts protests
Police in Bangladesh have clashed with protesters for a second day, after a leader of the main Islamist party was jailed for life for crimes against humanity in the war of independence.
Thursday January 31, 2013
New York Times 'hit by hackers from China'
Hackers from China have "persistently" infiltrated the New York Times for the last four months, the US paper says.
Thursday January 31, 2013
Bangladesh strike over war crimes trials sparks clashes
At least two people were killed as violence erupted across Bangladesh during a strike called by the largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami.
Thursday January 31, 2013
South Koreans cast wary eyes to the North
Kim Jin Young peered through powerful binoculars across the last frontier of the Cold War. He traveled from Seoul by bus, along with dozens of other curious day-trippers, many with their young children, to visit the Odu Mountain public observatory here, which overlooks a heavily-guarded stretch of the border with North Korea. This is the closest many South Koreans ever get to their increasingly ho
Thursday January 31, 2013
Vietnam deports pro-democracy activist
A pro-democracy activist released from a Vietnamese prison was on his way to his California home after nine months in detention, according to his family.
Thursday January 31, 2013
Delhi rape: Court says all hospitals 'must treat' victims
A court in Delhi has ordered the city government to tell all hospitals - private and state-run - they must treat victims of rape and road accidents.
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Gang-rape sparks rage in India
The gang-rape and killing of a New Delhi student has set off an impassioned debate about what India needs to do to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. The country remained in mourning after the 23-year-old physiotherapy student died from her internal wounds in a Singapore hospital.
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Euro and dollar plunge against the yen; BOJ, ECB eyed
The dollar and euro plunged against the yen on Tuesday as investors booked profits in the aftermath of swift and significant gains, but looser Bank of Japan monetary policy should limit the yen's upside.
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Japan protests over China ships near disputed islands
Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador to protest against the presence of government ships in waters around disputed islands.
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Vietnamese activists accused of subversion go on trial
Fourteen activists have gone on trial in central Vietnam on charges of plotting to overthrow the government.
Tuesday January 8, 2013
Demonstrations spread in Nepal after rape case
Echoing outrage seen in the streets of Indian cities after a deadly gang-rape in New Delhi, protesters in India's northern neighbor Nepal are also demanding their government take action over violence against women.
Wednesday December 19, 2012
World Bank raises China growth forecast
The World Bank has raised its growth forecast for China, saying stimulus measures and approval of infrastructure projects will help boost growth.
Wednesday December 19, 2012
South Korea may be close to electing first female president
The daughter of South Korea's former military ruler appeared to be leading in Wednesday's presidential vote, putting her on track to become the country's first woman head of state, although her narrow advantage meant the race was set to go to the wire.
Wednesday December 19, 2012
Corruption, tax evasion have cost developing world $6 trillion - report
Crime, corruption and tax evasion have cost the developing world nearly $6 trillion over the past decade, and illicit funds keep growing, led by China, a financial watchdog group said in a new report.
Wednesday December 19, 2012
Conservatives sweep to power in faltering Japan
Japan's conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) surged back to power in an election on Sunday just three years after a devastating defeat, giving ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a chance to push his hawkish security agenda and radical economic recipe.
Wednesday December 19, 2012
North Korea satellite 'tumbling in space'
North Korea appears to be struggling to control a satellite it put into orbit last week, a space expert has said.
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