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Join the first and largest professional community of its kind. is a truly worldwide, Pan-Asian online community with Asian America at its core. At, Asian professionals can cultivate their careers, connect with people, and be a part of the exploding global Asian community. free membership includes:

• Powerful networking tools for fast and easy interaction with the global Asian community. Expand your professional network, stay connected with top industry organizations, and meet friends, old and new.   

• A global job board that allows professionals to search from our extensive database of jobs in both the U.S. and Asia. Find the perfect job that matches your unique qualifications as an Asian professional.

• Up to the minute, relevant news and information for Asian professionals provided through our strategic alliances with prominent media companies in the U.S. and Asia. 

• Access to exclusive AsianLife Magazine content and archives.  Our editors and special guest writers will give you insider information on current market trends and moving up the corporate ladder as well as lifestyle tips and the next cutting-edge technologies.

 Calendar of professional conferences and events around your neighborhood and all over the world.  Join an event and connect with our vibrant international Asian community.

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