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Thursday August 5, 2010

Asian Americans and Emotional Intelligence


Preston Ni of Asian Week wrote an interesting article called “Asian Americans and Emotional Intelligence.” He writes that according to Talent Smart, 90% of high performers at the work place possess high Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI), while 80% of low performers have low EQ.

In today’s workplace where soft skills such as keeping a positive attitude in tough situations, being a team player, and being a good communicator are becoming increasingly important, Asian Americans leave something to be desired. Although most Asians are extremely well equipped in terms of having the technical skill set and the work ethic to be successful in their careers, it seems difficult to shed the cultural values we adopted by growing up in Asia, being raised by 1st generation Asian parents, or even being raised by 2nd generation Asian parents who passed down their parents values to us.

For example, we are conditioned to be obedient to authority figures and to be accommodating to others. We have a difficult time speaking up in circumstances where it’s important to be assertive.

So, just how Emotionally Intelligent are you?  According to Ni’s article, someone with a high EQ has the following qualities:

·    The ability to deal with one’s own negative emotions

·    The ability to stay cool under pressure

·    The ability to see social cues

·    The ability to be assertive and express difficult emotions when necessary

·    The ability to express intimate emotions in close, personal relationships

Read the full article here to learn ways to increase your Emotional Intelligence Quotient.




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