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Topic: Tibet, China and the Olympics
on 25 Feb, 2013 3:03
on 14 Apr, 2008 15:32
I don't think the US has a leg to stand on in terms of calling out China's Human Rights policies. Perhaps the Pre-Bush US could, but not the one we live in today. First off, we're occupying a country that we shouldn't be in (Iraq), we're detaining people in Cuba that are suspected of being "terrorists" for as long as we see fit (disregarding due-process), we spy on our own population, and we've started using torture (water-boarding) to extract information from enemy combatants. If we are not standing on the high ground of morality, we have no right or power to call China out on theirs. The saying "people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks" comes to mind.

I also feel the Olympics are about athletic competition amoungst the best athletes each nation has to offer, and should be kept separated from politics as much as possible. I recently had an opportunity to meet 5 potential US Olympians and would be saddened to see this Olympics tainted with political rhetoric that would steer attention away from the hard work of these athletes. Let's put down the angst and anger for a couple of weeks and just enjoy the games.
on 11 Apr, 2008 13:28
What do you think about all the demonstrations against China and the Olympics ?

A U.S. congressional resolution was just passed calling on China to end its crackdown on Tibetan dissent. Should the U.S. or any other country be involved in the Tibetan movement for independence? Should we do more?
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