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Topic: Are we ready for an Asian-American president?
on 25 Feb, 2013 3:03
on 03 Apr, 2008 13:55
With Barack Obama garnering so much support, will America (soon) be ready for an Asian-American presidential candidate?
on 03 Apr, 2008 23:41
Hmm... an interesting question, Alan.

Who would be the most likely prospects for such a position? Are there some high profile Asian Americans in the current U.S. political scene? I have a hard time thinking of even one. Unfortunately it seems like whenever someone steps forward as the first of any demographic, he or she carries the weight of the that group's stereotype. I suspect that America is probably a long way from an Asian American presidential candidate, at least until there have been enough AAs in prominent political roles to mitigate the novelty factor.
on 09 Apr, 2008 11:12
I tend to think that we may see at least an Asian presidential candidate a few generations from now since there are more and more Asian American politicians gaining prominence all over the US.

Plus, I think Barack Obama has not only opened the floodgates for black presidential hopefuls but also for all minorities.
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